Skilled Employees

We employ the following skilled tradesmen who are all licensed members of Sheet Metal Workers' International Association Local 235:

  • Sheet Metal Mechanic
  • Sheet Metal Welder

Summary of Work

  • 1. Supply and Installation of Complete H.V.A.C. Systems complete with units, ductwork distribution system and controls.
  • 2. Exhaust Duct Systems of any description.
  • 3. Mist Collection Duct Systems.
  • 4. Complete Shop Fabrication of Dust Collectors complete with on-site installation.
  • 5. Fume Extraction Installations.
  • 6. Fabrication and Installation of Sound Enclosures.
  • 7. Fabrication and Installation of Fume Exhaust Hoods.
  • 8. Fabrication and Installation of Drip Trays of any description.
  • 9. Repairs to oven and washer walls up to 1 /4" thickness in black or stainless steel material.
  • 10. Paint Booth Installations.

Haller Mechanical

  • 11. Fabrication and Installation of Curtain Walls of any description.
  • 12. Fabrication and Installation of any components fabricated from any type of sheet metal for replacement parts for heat treat ovens.
  • 13. Combustion Air Ductwork fabrication and installation.
  • 14. Fresh Air Ductwork fabrication and installation.
  • 15. Vacuum System fabrication and installation.
  • 16. Carbon Monoxide Exhaust Systems.
  • 17. Machinery/Conveyor guarding and chutes.
  • 18. Installation of Energy Recovery Units.
  • 19. Stainless Steel Fabrication of any description.
  • 20. Supply and Installation of VIS Queen Tunnels.

Industries Served

Industrial, Commercial, Institutional.

24 Hour Service
7 Days a Week
Phone: 519-254-6401